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This Coolie lampshade is made of finest Belgium wallpaper with a fire-resistant lining inside. It Is completely handmade in England and the edges have a hand rolled finish. The gimble shade is only compatible with BC (UK) bulb holders. 
This lampshade is made of our wallpaper called All Year Hellebores SOANE and pictures hand drawn Hellebores on a yellow background. The new colourway SOANE is inspired by an old classic English wall colour, which gives a room a warm glow.

Upton Noble, '11 inch Coolie Lampshade All Year Hellebores, Soane''

  • Base diameter: 11 in – 28 cm
    Slope: 7 in – 18 cm 
    Top diameter: 4 in – 10 cm
    Height: 6,5 in – 16,5 cm

    The gimble shade is only compatible with BC (UK) bulb holders.

    Please note additional taxes may apply when shipping outside the UK.

    The lead time of the product will commence from date of payment. General lead time is 5 working days. If the lampshade is not in stock the lead time is 14 working days.
    Single orders with more than 10 products may take longer.

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