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The Silo Collective

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The Silo Collective is a platform founded by designer Hannah Watts selling bold, eccentric designs to make you and your home different to everyone else’s. 

It is a collection of all Hannah’s designs, art and objects she has sourced, stemmed from her passion for collecting, travelling and love for artisanal craft. Selling her own designs, largely inspired by African and South American motifs and patterns, as well as textiles and art she has collected whilst travelling, and designed to fit inside the modern ‘western’ home.

We want to encourage you to start collecting too. Spending should be an investment, something you will love and have forever not just because it is in trend. There is no better joy than building a collection of things you love and will pass down to children and grandchildren. 

Whilst creating the collective Hannah has taken a lot of consideration for her environmental impact. We have tried wherever possible to minimise our waste, producing only small runs and using responsible materials.

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